Update Notes for 6/27/2011 V1.17

Here are the latest updates to Empire & State:

New Content:

There are nine new vehicles now available:

  • M-55 Boomerang
  • Combat Rover
  • Groundswell Combat Carrier
  • Grey Ox Armored Cargo Vehicle
  • Claw Trek Long-Range Transport
  • M-100 Stalker
  • Sledge Armored Carrier
  • P30 BattleCraft
  • Tempest Anti-Armor Vehicle

Resource Harvesters

    • Crystal Harvesters have been added
    • Advanced and Elite harvesters for some resources have been added

    Player Changes:

    Player level caps have been raised to 105

    The Xp curve for characters above level 20 has been adjusted.

    Colonists! You can discuss these updates here.

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    We are a team of 20 or so dedicated to the development of Empire & State. We are excited to share some of our ideas with the community and always welcome your comments and ideas.

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