The Empires of Altea! Where YOU Belong.

Come! Join one of the incredible Empires growing in Altea, the place where your problems are answered.  Join the lucky colonists already creating their perfect worlds.  Why just take a look at the utopia’s awaiting your arrival:

Empires with the largest land mass, there is more than enough room for you and your family!

1. Alterrean Protectorate    741
2. Batsylvania  726
3. Imperium  126
4. Shinra Corporation: 42

Empires with the most active daily colonists, these citizens are always building a better tomorrow:
1. Alterrean Protectorate   12
1. Imperium  12
2. Shinra Corporation: 8
3. Batsylvania  6

Empires with the most active monthly colonists, building traditions, creating their dreams:
1. Alterrean Protectorate    720
2. Batsylvania  326
3. Imperium  276
4. Shinra Corporation: 30

So what are you waiting for?  Cruiseliners are leaving daily!

Altea, We’ll be Waiting for you!

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Release Notes for 4/26/2011

Greeting Colonists! Some changes have made their way to Empire & State.  Read all about it!


- Stats have been adjusted and rebalanced for some vehicles.


- Stats have been adjusted for some jobs.

- Chance Bonuses have been added. Unlike a Completion Bonus (which awards an item one time after a job has been completed), a job with a Chance Bonus has a chance to award an item each time the job is performed.


- The Rebellion Screen art has been updated

- The Choose Sides Screen art has been updated.

- We have corrected a bug that affected the Rebellion map icon.


- Combat screens will now show your opponent’s health

- Opponents will now take damage correctly

- We have resolved an issue that prevented users from not being able to properly free up asset slots.

- We have resolved an issue with users getting out of sync when immigrating and fast traveling while in a vehicle.

- Chat will now show different colors for different channels

- Chat has been improved; you should no longer have text cut off.

Bug Fixes

- We have corrected a number of item and combat bugs.

- Server optimizations have been made to improve log in times and reduce latency.

- Corrected a “crash on load: issue cause by a synchronization issue in the client.

- Resolved an issue where player’s credits were inaccurately updating.

 Colonists! You can discuss these updates here. Writes About Empire & State

Here is just a snippet of the article:

“In Risk fashion, the game is about control of tiles on a hex map. Players of the nation owning the hex continually contribute to fortification and opposing players contribute to its storming. It is a statistics based model and the conflict will take time to resolve. It’s about groups working together to achieve a goal, not the actions of a single player.”

Read the full article here!

Welcome to Open Beta!

Everyone is now welcome to sign up and play Empire & State.  Please keep in mind that this game is in beta therefore you may come across some bugs. We will continue to update and improve the game throughout beta and your feedback can help us along the way.

In order to make the open beta an even play field we are resetting all the maps and Empires.  All old accounts will still have the same account name and login credentials but they will need to re-create their characters and start fresh.

What’s New?

  • New combat interface – improved with more animations and sound effects, as well as the addition of Vehicles (see below)
  • Player owned Assets – Assets are either a Vehicle or Property. A player has room for a limited number of Assets that can be expanded using Novel Points.
  • Vehicles – Vehicles can provide many benefits including improved combat capabilities and the ability to carry Cargo. Vehicles are acquired by completing Jobs or building them in a Factory using resources. There are nine vehicle types currently in the game, with plans to add many more.
  • Properties – Properties are buildings that a player can own and operates. There are currently two types of Properties – Factories and Harvesters. A Harvester extracts resources (like Iron). Factories consume resources to produce Vehicles and Properties. There is a Factory type for each Vehicle and Property in the game.
  • Cargo – Certain Vehicles and Properties have Cargo capacity. This capacity allows you to carry and store things like resources, packaged Vehicles and Property pre-fabs. Note: You will not be able to move these items without  a vehicle with Cargo capacity.
  • New Map – Larger world map with lots of new cities.
  • Empire Borders – Empires now have delineated borders. Areas outside your Empire are now shaded.

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