What is Empire and State?

On the colonial planet Altea, people are forced to fight for survival. The civilization has crumbled, and only powerful leaders can pick up the pieces. When history tells the story, will your name be included?

Empire & State is an innovative new political strategy MMO that offers a completely dynamic world controlled by players. Using force, economic strength and diplomacy, take charge of your player run empire and conquer other player empires in this epic struggle for power.

From the Lead Designer of Demigod

  • Free to play, empire-based, massively multiplayer
  • Play in a world inhabited by thousands of other players with agendas of their own where subterfuge, surprise and excitement exist at every turn
  • Cooperate and work with other players to build or destroy empires

Choose Your Path to Power

  • Democratically, through politics, followers and charisma
  • From the shadows, through information, corruption, bribes and espionage
  • Economically, through influencing, sponsoring, and funding the fate of elections and warfare

Join the Quest for Survival

  • Establish your territory in a world with varying natural resources and dangerous international borders
  • Build superior battle gear to defend your property or to seize an enemys land
  • Influence the world with your thirst for supremacy and wealth or start revolutions to overthrow corruption and bring freedom
  • Earn power through admirable superiority to gain supportive followers to join and defend your empire

Earn Your Place in History

  • Lead your empire to global dominance through credible authority or corruption
  • Forge mighty empires or underground crime syndicates in a world of cut-throat competition
  • Create alliances and unite mighty empires
  • Build an empire that leaves your lasting name and legacy on the world